The BCTA AGM – Competence Creates Confidence

The construction industry is on the brink of a transformative moment, and the upcoming BCTA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 29, 2024, promises to be a highlight these moments. We’re excited to announce Bill Coltzer Jr AIA. as our headline speaker this year.

Meet Bill Coltzer Jr. AIA: A Visionary in Construction

Bill Coltzer Jr. comes from a lineage deeply rooted in the construction business, being the son of a General Contractor. His journey, however, transcends familial ties, as he has carved his own path in the industry. Studying Environmental Design at Texas A&M University laid the foundation for his career, culminating in him becoming a licensed architect in 1993.

Bill’s career trajectory is marked by a fusion of technical expertise and hands-on experience in both design and construction. This unique combination affords him a comprehensive understanding of the construction process. Over the years, he has skilfully led teams comprising Architects, Engineers, and Contractors to optimize the performance, cost-effectiveness, and durability of buildings.

Having served as the Vice President for FKP Architects Inc for a substantial five-year tenure, Bill Coltzer Jr. transitioned to Zero/Six Consulting LLC in 2003. Currently serving as the President of Zero/Six Consulting LLC, he also holds the position of Chairman at Coltzer Company LLC. Bill’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of these organizations, reflecting his commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

What to Expect at the BCTA AGM

The BCTA AGM promises an insightful exploration of the construction landscape, with a special focus on sound, air, and ventilation.

In addition to Bill’s address, the event will feature multiple speakers delving into the intricacies of sound, air, and ventilation in construction. These experts will shed light on the latest advancements, best practices, and emerging trends in these critical areas.

The AGM will also host exhibitor stands featuring equipment specialists in air and sound. Attendees can explore cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and engage in discussions with industry experts to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

As the day unfolds, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy a buffet lunch, providing a conducive environment for networking. This segment is a valuable chance for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and potentially form collaborations that could shape the future of the construction landscape.

Statement from Barry Cope, MD of the BCTA Group:

Barry Cope, Managing Director of the BCTA Group, emphasised the significance of the AGM as not just a gathering of industry professionals but a crucial platform to understand the past year’s developments within BCTA and to anticipate what lies ahead. He stated, “The BCTA AGM follows on from our successful ‘Future of Airtightness’ event, which saw 90 industry stakeholders watch and learn about the latest in airtightness technology. Not only a chance to learn what has happened in the past year with BCTA and what is coming up, but to catch up with fellow professionals within the industry.


The AGM offers the chance for some vital CPD, to learn how your business can develop with new technologies, and to catch up with industry and stakeholders alike. Best of all, it is FREE for certified ATTMA & SITMA members.

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