MHCLG Consultation – Changes to Approved Documents L & F (England & Wales Only)

The Government has today published the first of two consultations on changes to the Building Regulations. Specifically, Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) and Part F (Ventilation).

This consultation covers new homes and includes two options to raise the energy efficiency standards in Part L, in 2020, as a stepping stone to the Future Homes Standard.

It also includes proposals for changes to the ventilation standards of the Building Regulations (Part F), more stringent transitional requirements for the energy efficiency standards and a clearer role for planning authorities in setting energy efficiency standards. 

A further consultation will follow, in the coming months, proposing changes to the energy efficiency standards for non-domestic buildings and for building work to existing homes and non-domestic buildings; and on preventing overheating in buildings.

Proposed changes to the airtightness requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations are set out in Chapter 5, include:

  • reviewing the approved airtightness testing scheme methodology
  • considering whether developers should test all individual homes on a development, and removing the option of sample-testing
  • limiting incentives in the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) which encourage very airtight naturally ventilated dwellings
  • reflecting the uncertainty of air permeability test results in SAP
  • exploring the potential for alternative testing methods or alternative approaches to demonstrating compliance with guidance on airtightness

The consultation will also look at existing homes, with the Government wishing to reduce the risks associated with energy efficiency works to existing buildings, for example the associated impacts on airtightness which reduce the overall amount of fresh air entering the home

ATTMA will be asking its members for feedback and will be responding as a trade association it is, representing more than 85% of all tests carried out in England & Wales.

The consultation document can be downloaded by clicking here: Government Consultation Parts L & F

Update – The ATTMA Consultation has now been released and can be completed by ATTMA Members only by clicking the following link