Mandatory Air Tightness Testing – Ohio, USA & Burnaby, Canada

Two states in two countries have bought in legislation of a mandatory air tightness test before handover can take place.

  • Ohio, USA – From 1st July 2019, all homes will require a blower door test at final for code compliance. Ohio is not the first state to require mandatory blower door tests.
    • In 2012, Illinois mandatory testing started to take place regardless of the path chosen for compliance. Maryland, Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida and also New York State also have mandatory air tightness testing.
  • Burnaby, Canada – From 1st September 2019, those building Part 9 homes will be required to comply with Step 1 of the BC Energy Step Code. This means single-family homes, duplexes and multi-unit building with a footprint of less than 600 square meters (6,458 square feet) will need to be tested.
    • Step 1 only required for structures to perform equal or better than home built to the existing BC Building Code Standards. However, Burnaby then plans to jump to Step 3 of the code in “approximately one year”.

This list will keep be updated when more states and countries introduce mandatory air tightness testing.

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