Air Tightness Testing Site Operating Procedures during Coronavirus (UK) – Version 4

Site Operating Procedures V4

The Construction Leadership Council have updated their guidelines for site operating procedures during Coronavirus in the UK

Version 4 can be read in full here:

The main updates from the previous version are;

  • Updated date and version number
  • Updated links and key wording on social distancing to align with the latest Government guidance
  • All references to PHE updated to Government at the request of PHE
  • Update Government wording on when to travel to work from the Government’s Recovery Strategy
  • Point included on one way systems to align with latest Government guidance
  • Updated to include use of portable toliets
  • Updated to state that risk assessments should be shared with the workforce to align with latest Government guidance
  • Removal of reference to 15 mins or less where possible to align with latest Government guidance
  • Updated PPE section to align with, and link to, latest Government guidance.

As always, ATTMA is here to help, we can be contacted via our usual channels.