Lodgement Update – May 2020

ATTMA Lodgement Updates May 2020

Our ATTMA developers have been making Lodgement better for our members over the past couple of months. See below for the highlights;

  • Added the ability to send notifications to specific individuals in real-time on almost every page of the site. User has the ability to minimise the message to read at a later stage.
    • The main use will be for deviation notifications (to ATTMA staff), ‘download ready’ notifications to members downloading 50 files or more and also sending high-priority messages to members.
  • Made any logout button take the user back to the sign-in page rather than the dead-end of the logout.aspx page.
  • Changed the way invalid values on submitted page forms are indicated to the user: including invalid text boxes glowing red for a few seconds, and users with small screens no longer have a popup appearing off the side of the screen
  • Improved the certificate creation speeds.
  • Created the first part of the function that will allow customers to dictate their own naming convention for downloaded pdf certificates. This will be based on them stipulation a format string which can include named SQL field values and date patterns.
  • Improvements to the Summary document
  • Added the ability to search by multiple options in the ‘custRef’ textbox using commas (eg, 10521631,10521632)
  • Downloaded files that contain 50 or more files (summary sheets & Zip files) or excessively large CSV files will now be created and downloaded via the notification panel.
    • Member will be able to keep using the lodgement system whilst the download is compiled. Users will be notified through the notification panel once the file is ready for download.
  • Build new grid on the main portal page;
    • If user selects just two tick boxes (that are not consecutive) and then clicks the ‘Select All’ box, the system will tick only the boxes between the two checked boxes.
    • The grid can now be filtered in a spreadsheet style way
  • Members can now apply for a change of deviation wording by going into the Edit Record area, clicking the Deviations tab and entering the new wording into the textbox. Upon clicking ‘send for approval’ button it puts the test into manual deviation. It will stay in deviation until an ATTMA staff member gives the deviation a status.
  • Added an Image upload tab to the Edit Record dialog box. This allows members to upload images of any deviations so ATTMA can give the deviation a status. Members can also download, view or delete these uploaded images from the grid area.
  • When a member puts a test into deviation it will now remain there indefinitely until ATTMA give it a status. Previous to this update, the deviation expired after 2hrs. Members would then need to re-submit it for review again.
  • Reduced the number of Emails that are sent to members as part of the deviation process. No Email is sent upon test upload (member would already be aware the job is in deviation). An Email is sent to members upon the status of the deviation being processed by ATTMA.
  • Email sent to member indicating maximum 2hr process time has expired and the certificate has automatically been released.

As always, if you find any bugs in the lodgement system, please let us know at admin@bcta.group