ATTMA Reaches 1 Million Lodgements

We are excited to announce that ATTMA have reached 1 million lodgements.

ATTMA Lodgement was first introduced on 1st September 2015. Within a little over 3 years it reached 500,000 lodgements and on Sunday 19th September, six years after launching, it reached 1 million lodgements.

The data that is collected by each lodgement includes much more than just the final air tightness result. It includes the results from passes, fails and retests, as well as the building type, construction type, pressure ranges , calibration details, ventilation system installed and much more.

ATTMA has members in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East, enabling us look at trends in different areas of the world. Lodgement allows us to look at not just air tightness testing but the construction industry as a whole with the ability for data to be analysed for other parts of the industry.

I’d like to personally extend my thanks to ATTMA members who, without them, this would not be possible. Members chose ATTMA to continuously push the industry and improve themselves by feeding from the knowledge and experience of our brilliant team. Lodgement is their tool that helps them improve their business, making data traceable and accountable. ATTMA members should be as proud of this achievement as I am for them.

Barry Cope, BCTA Group Managing Director

A million lodgements have been hit, which includes retests. However, ATTMA will be doing something special when we hit our millionth Unique lodgement. Ensure you are following our socials to find out more.