January 2021 ATTMA Lodgement Updates

January has been a busy month for the ATTMA team as our developer has been making updates to the lodgement system.


The main update was the ATTMA ID Card app which can be download through Google Play here. Our iOS app has been delayed due to technical difficulties. We are encouraging everyone to login into Lodgement to update their photo. This will need to be done before you can use the ID Card App. It is a Government requirement that you have a valid ID card with you whilst you are testing. Once you have done uploaded your photo onto Lodgement and it has been approved by ATTMA Admin, you’ll then be able to use the app. You’ll need your usual details that you use to log into Lodgement to download your latest ID Card image. Once the card has been downloaded the app needs no further internet connection. As with physical cards, the digital cards do not represent ‘live’ membership status and therefore all enquiries should be directed to www.bcta.group/attma
N.B – The ability to have physical ID Cards is still available but all members need to upload their own photo

Other updates included;

  • Updated the EA & SD document handling function on the SearchLodgement.aspx page to use the new document management system to keep the system uniform.
  • When a multi-line CSV file is imported on the LodgeNewTest.aspx page the file is only saved once but each created lodgement ID will have a reference to this file so it can be viewed from any lodgement. Additional files can still be attached to each lodgement if required.
  • Changed the ‘Test Type’ labels to ‘Build Progress’ and added new dropdown options on the edit box of the SearchLodgements.aspx and LodgeNewTest.aspx pages. More on this can be found here
  • Bug fixed the EA and software portal buttons on the SearchLodgements.aspx page to make them go red if they are mandatory and the member hasn’t uploaded them.
  • Fixed bug that was not showing a user an error message if the portal failed to communicate with the bulk certificate creation webjob
  • Fixed bug that meant the documents page was occasionally not showing the last 5 downloads correctly.
  • Fixed bug that meant an .exml file uploaded to the system that didn’t have it’s ‘warm roof’ value set was causing the collection of data for the ‘LodgementReleatedData’ fields to fail.