Barry Cope Speaks at International Forum, Frankfurt

We’re pleased to announce that Barry Cope is speaking at the International Forum Frankfurt.

The International Forum is supported by House of Energy, ERDC and EBC and the forum is about working towards a secure energy supply in a net zero-emission society. It’s bringing international experts from Europe and United States of America together to discuss and develop strategies and solutions to support efforts to limit climate change and ensure a secure energy supply that provides a supporting basis for a net zero-emission society.

Barry’s speech is “Reduce Demand to Reduce Supply – using air leakage testing to reduce energy demand from buildings”.

The key message Barry will be explaining is that reducing the peak demand on the grid by a substantial amount during a typical winter period could mean the energy created from sustainable sources goes further and reducing if not eradicating the need to import or create energy.

The Forum runs from Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th January in Frankfurt, Germany

Check out Barry’s LinkedIn for more information