CONSULTATION – Review of Energy Efficiency & Building Regulations

The Department of Finance is conducting out a 16-week public consultation on a discussion document reviewing energy efficiency requirements and related areas of Building Regulations.

Consultation Open: 26th July 2023
Closing Date: 15th November 2023 at 23:59

The document includes pre-consultation details outlining potential next steps on a range of inter-related areas which including

conservation of fuel and power;
mitigation of overheating in dwellings; and
electric vehicle charging infrastructure to parking spaces at buildings.

The consultation will help prepare for quite significant changes, including steps that would make conventional boilers using the highest carbon intensity fuels, such as home heating oil, unviable in most new buildings. It explores expectations for low-carbon heating, such as heat-pumps or heat networks for new buildings and considers wider issues, such as embodied carbon in materials and background assumptions in assessment methodologies.

Various sub-sections of the document can be responded to independently on the Citizen Space website link below.

Details of awareness events will be published in due course.

A further consultation, accompanied by proposed regulations, Technical Booklet guidance and impact assessments, will be required prior to the implementation of any changes.

The Department will consider all responses to this consultation received on or before the closing date, which is on 15th November 2023 at 23:59.

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