Could my house run out of air?

BBC World Service CrowdScience have produced the following podcast which is now available on the BBC website.

Screenshot of BBC CrowdScience Podcast: Could my house run out of air?

The podcast follows listeners Jeff and Angie who moved to California, however their home was really draughty and cold. Angie started to fill holes and cracks to help tackle the rising energy bills and in turn lower their carbon footprint. However it then dawned on them that their sealings could have an impact on their health.

BBC CrowdScience goes into what air tightness is and how it is different from ventilation. It also goes into how hot climates sort their homes out and how Passivhaus architects have retrofitted their home to exact standards, meaning insulation, reflective insulation and expanding foam. They also explained how MVHR is used for their ventilation.

The podcast is a great 30 minute listen with a cup of tea or coffee, even for seasoned pros of air tightness!