Air Tightness Featured in Forbes

Air Tightness Testing has been featured in Forbes. The article focuses on why a blower door test should be performed as it helps determine the cost of future energy bills.

In the UK, having an air tightness test is mandatory for all new homes as it is part of the energy performance certificate, but in many other countries having a test like this is not mandatory. There are an ever-increasing amount of countries and states that are slowly making it mandatory as part of building regulations.

Forbes firstly explains what a blower door test is, what happens, and then how the result of the test can determine if there are unsealed cracks and openings in the house’s shell that should be sealed.  The article also touches on Passive House as well, explaining why it’s different to a normal test.

Having air tightness being featured in Forbes like this is great news for the air tightness industry, as it shows homeowners what to be aware when designing, building, purchasing or renovating their home.

To read the article in full, follow this link here.