Construction is Booming!

ATTMA are excited to report for the third month in a row, we’ve had record lodgement numbers, meaning that the construction industry is well and truly booming after the pandemic.

Over the past three months (March, April and May), there has been an average increase of 10% in lodgements compared to the same period last year (2021).

January to May 2022 – UK Lodgements

Lodgements, which are posted by ATTMA members which in turn enable building completions were at an all-time low in March 2020 when the country was locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This recovery shows that the construction industry is one of the most resilient businesses especially with supply chain issues and smaller numbers of construction start-ups that has faced us all.

ATTMA recently reported that there had been one million lodgements on the system, and with the one millionth unique test due to be reached soon, we’re going to be giving away a mini fan courtesy of The Energy Conservatory. This unique lodgement and the 999,999 previous lodgements is a huge milestone, and something that every ATTMA member can be proud of as they have built the foundations for this fantastic achievement.


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