Free Report Checking Service

The ATTMA is dedicated to stamping out bad practices of air tightness testing across the world and has set up a process that allows any authority or industry stakeholder (for example, Building Control, Building Inspectors, Building Warranty Providers or SAP, SPEM and EPC providers) to check reports that they may be responsible for signing to ensure they are:

  1. Technically valid
  2. Provided by a trained and authorised testing member
  3. Are using correctly calibrated equipment

The report checking process can be regardless of testing scheme, country, membership and will be looked at without bias. Our Quality Control Manager will analyse the report for discrepancies and inform you if any are found.

Your professional indemnity could be at risk if you authorise a test certificate / report that should have been rejected. By using this service, you understand the ATTMA is only able to provide guidance as to the content of the report and cannot and will not make a decision as to whether or not a report is accepted or rejected. The ATTMA might not be familiar with local laws outside of the United Kingdom.

In order to have your report checked, please use the following form:

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